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The trick to finding the perfect gift for the man in your life is to know what he likes and to buy accordingly. There are lots of different kinds of men, so here is a list of gift ideas for all those women who are just looking to find the best gift to give their man.

For the men who love the outdoors: This guy loves adventure, so buy him gifts that feed his passion for the thrill. Camping chairs or camping gear are practical gifts or encourage him to relax on his vacation with a hammock. If you’re not sure what to get, a gift certificate to an outdoor’s store is a good idea so that he can pick out what he needs. Other gift ideas include: kayak, canoe, back pack, hiking boots and binoculars.

For the men who love to hunt: This man lives for the thrill of the hunt, whether it’s big game hunting, bird hunting or fishing. Once again if you’re not sure what to buy, a gift certificate can be like sending a kid to a candy store, because his choices are unlimited and you know he’ll get something he really wants. A new gun, deer stand, blinds and other necessary hunting gear are all ideas that are often overlooked when looking for gifts. More items include: fishing poles, tackle, gun cleaning kits, wild life cameras, fish finders and underwater cameras. With this man, the possibilities are limited only by one’s imagination.

For the tech guy: This guy is fascinated with all those new gadgets they keep coming out with, and although you may not understand it all, you still want to get him a gift that will make his eyes light up. This type of guy also tends to be the professional type and is often traveling to meet certain business requirements. If so, a personalized manicure set or travel case, complete with all his traveling necessities, is perfect for showing how much you care. Maybe he’s been complaining about his computer, if so, now is the time to buy him a new one or get a new laptop. This guy would also love a new blackberry or if he doesn’t need that much tech power, a palm pilot is also helpful. One last idea would be a new ipod and of course a personalized case to protect his new gadgets.

For the sport enthusiast: This guy has his favorite sport whether it’s football, basketball, soccer, racing, golf or hockey and will love all gifts that allow him to pursue his other great “love.” Any ticket to a favorite sporting event will be a huge hit and it will give him something to look forward to. If that’s not an option, then try to find items that promote his favorite sport and team. Items like: beer steins, glasses, hats, clothing items, cards, blankets or a 25oz. gold or silver rimmed beer mug, are all items that he will get a kick out of.

For the chef: This guy loves to cook and has bewitched everyone who knows him with his wonderful culinary delights. Anything that has to do with cooking is sure to be a success. Items like: BBQ tool set, cookbooks, baking sets or a personalized apron with a saying like; “World’s Greatest Chef.” Kitchen appliances that make cooking easier are often an overlooked gift idea for men. Bread makers, measuring cups, dough mixers, steamers, pressure cookers and other such kitchen appliances are items that will make him happy. And best of all his adoring fans get to reap the benefits, which in turn makes him swell with pride.

Other unique gift ideas include items like: a shot glass checker board complete with small shot glasses and checker board, for hours of adult fun. A weekend love kit for the honeymoon or a time capsule full of items that remind the bride and groom of fun times past. One last gift idea is to give him a getaway of his choice, whether it’s to a favorite vacation spot, a weekend with the guys or a romantic getaway for two. Of course all these ideas can work for all different types of men like: Mr. Romantic, music lover, peace keeper or hell raiser, the point is we love them all and they deserve the best.

The one thing all these guys have in common is they all like “toys.” Items that they can use and items that allow them to pursue their various interests are gifts that will be cherished. These gifts are perfect for showing your support and also for showing how well you know your man. Plus these gifts are also wonderful ideas for a variety of gift giving occasions like: birthdays, Father’s Day, retirements, weddings and anniversaries. Happy Shopping :-)

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The Truth said...

I agree. The key to a man's heart is what he likes best. The best gift I ever gave my dad was Camping Equipment gear. He loves going camping and buying gear can get pricey. So when I surprise him with something he can actually use instead of another tie he really appreciates it and is happy.