How to Select a present for a 1-Year-Old kid

When buying for a kid,most people would always think of buying toys for them.It OK but it may not be the best present that they will get.Kids have short focus span and quite choosy so they will not always like the toys you buy for them.If you insist to in buying toys look for age-appropriate toys . It should be something that can learn something when they play such as shape sorters

Does that baby boy like to bop to the beat? Get your new, favorite CD. Opt for classical music; researchers say it will enhance a baby's math skills down the line

Other than toys,you buy clothes for them.Kids grow fast so shop big - at least 18-month sizes.

Buy a baby book or two - simple touch-and-feel books are most likely to be winners at this age.

There are many shopping website and store that cater to baby so enjoy it while you browse

You can also ask the parents what they need or want for this baby if you want clear guidance.

I also advise that you buy for them something that can benefit the child in a short ot long term.
If it is your own kids ,you can buy them a bond or mutual fund for the baby's educational fund.