Going From Here to There With an iPod Case

Personalize Your iPod While Keeping it Safe Most every electronic device today has some sort of protective carrying case. From portable gaming systems to digital cameras to cell phones, cases not only protect the gadget, the also ensure that all the components stay together. With a carrying case, cables stay put and memory cards are not lost along the way. Headphones are not separated or broken, and games, batteries and even instruction manuals are never lost. Unfortunately, many of these cases are bulky; rarely is any socialite seen walking around with his or her cell phone slipped into a belt buckle carrying case. While older women or construction workers might not see the absurdity in this design, others do. Protective cases are, for the most part, the opposite of delicate, and in a world where electronic manufacturers are marching ever so quickly toward the smallest, the coolest, the thinnest and the sleekest, many users will go without the protection of a carrying case to maintain the look and presence of their devices. The iPod case is a different story. In this shallow world of universal concern for everyone else's appearance, rarely is any iPod user ever seen without a case. While the case does, once again, protect a multi-hundred dollar investment, the iPod case is sleek, it's cool, and in many ways, it allows the user to express his or her beliefs, personality and desires in a way the iPod itself cannot. Hear the Rainbow Current generation iPod Classics are available in either black or silver, and while the newer Nanos and Shuffles offer a wider selection of colors, the variety is still limited. Available iPod Colors: Shuffle: silver, blue, green, purple, red Nano: silver, blue, green, black, pink, red Classic: black, silver Touch: black However, the iPod case is available in a rainbow of colors, designs and patterns. If a user wants a purple iPod Classic, or an iPod graced by the logo of their favorite band, he or she can find a case to transform his or her iPod into a work of art. The iPod case is also offered in numerous materials, each serving a specific purpose and each tailored toward the specific need of potential buyers. Some cases are nothing more than a knit sock that slides on the iPod to protect it from minimal dirt and dust. Others are rubber or silicone sleeves that offer grip as well, protecting the iPod from water and other damaging agents, and protecting the screens from the elements. An iPod case can even be made from metal, clipping around the iPod to provide the ultimate shield, while also maintaining an aura of awe and splendor with its futuristic look and feel. Colors and materials are only the beginning. An iPod case is also designed with certain uses in mind. While most allow the user to keep his or her iPod protected and still utilize its functions, some are aimed toward simply carrying the iPod around while it is not in use. Others are arm bands that slip around the upper arm of a listener, holding the iPod in place while he or she is on a tread mill, in the weight room or at a yoga class. The iPod case is as varied in uses as it is in colors and materials. In the end, a listener can make a rather loud statement when he or she slips his or her device into one of these products.
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Keep Your Music Ultra Portable With the Right iPod Shuffle Accessories

What's the Point of Having a Tiny iPod Shuffle Then Tying It Down With a Big Speaker Docking System? Apple's iPod shuffle, the most miniature version of the popular iPod available, is one of the most popular products for the portable music enthusiast. The earbud headphones that come with the iPod shuffle are good enough to make your on the go experience enjoyable, but there are many other iPod shuffle accessories which can further enhance your music listening experience. Headphones and Speakers Headphones are without a doubt one of the most popular iPod shuffle accessories. While the earbud headphones that come with it are good enough for many users, others prefer different headphones, either because they find the earbuds uncomfortable or because they want headphones that deliver crisper audio. Any headphones that use a 3.5mm stereo minijack will work with the iPod shuffle, from traditional over-the-ear headphones to simply different earbuds. After all, sometimes headphones break and you need replacements; fortunately there's no lack of selection, and decent-quality headphones can easily be found for under $10 a pair. Speakers are another popular iPod shuffle accessory. Speaker technology has gotten to the point where crisp, power speakers come in small enough sizes that you won't feel silly hooking them up to the miniscule iPod shuffle. It is very important to remember that the iPod shuffle only has the minijack as an interface; this means that accessories like docking station speakers won't work with the iPod shuffle, because it lacks the standard iPod docking port. Only a speaker dock specifically designed to pass power through the minijack, like the shuffle's own included dock, will work with it. Other iPod Shuffle Accessories Also popular is the car charger. This iPod shuffle accessory plugs into your car's power adapter or cigarette lighter to deliver power to your shuffle to keep it charged while on the go. You can also find cables, connectors, or even FM transmitters that let you listen to your iPod shuffle over your car's stereo system, letting you listen to your music while you drive without worrying about the dangers of having your headphones on in the car. An interesting accessory for anybody who spends a lot of their time on the go is the USB Travel Dock from Marware. This simple accessory is nothing more than a dock for the iPod shuffle connected directly to a USB connector, without the wire between the two that the standard dock comes with. While it may not sound like much, this iPod shuffle accessory will be appreciated by anybody who normally plugs their dock into their laptop and wants to have fewer cables around to get tangled up. In the end, the use and perceived value that you get from your iPod shuffle is up to you. While the shuffle by itself is a great value, you can get much more out of it if you're willing to spend a little more on some iPod shuffle accessories. The great thing is that because the iPod shuffle only plays music, you don't have to worry about accessories that play video or scratch-resistant coverings for the video screen. In the end, every available iPod shuffle accessory has only one purpose: to help you listen to your music the way you want to.
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An Overview of the Top iPod Classic Accessories

The popularity of Apple's iPod has spawned a huge industry of iPod accessories. There is such a wide variety to choose from, it can be hard to decide which ones are important to look at and which ones are pointless fluff. Here's a look at the five iPod classic accessories that every iPod owner needs to consider. Case The first iPod classic accessory that every owner should purchase is a protective case. A case is especially important if you travel with your iPod, and if you shove it in your pocket or purse with your keys you're just asking for trouble without a case. The finish of the iPod classic is especially vulnerable to the dings and dents of everyday life. A protective case will keep your iPod looking pristine, and helps keep dust and dirt away from the vulnerable electronics inside. Screen Protector Almost as important as a case is a screen protector. Most cases do not cover the screen, because users want to be able to see the screen without taking it out of the case. A screen protector will protect the screen, which is even more vulnerable to scratches than the metal body. And a scratch across the screen is even more annoying than a scratch across the body, because you'll be looking right at it every time you look at the screen. Like the case, if you move your iPod classic around a lot, a screen protector is a valuable iPod classic accessory that will keep your iPod looking good. Charger An iPod with a dead battery is basically a paperweight. An extra charger or two is an iPod classic accessory worth having, both for convenience and to reduce the chance of running out of juice. Having an extra charger means you can charge your iPod at home and in the office, and you won't run out of power in the middle of the day. If you spend a lot of time in the car and listen to your iPod while driving (through speakers or an iTrip, please don't use headphones while driving), a car charger that plugs into the lighter jack will ensure that you have music the whole way. Cables Cables are another necessary iPod classic accessory. With just about every computer peripheral now using a USB connection, free USB ports may be at a premium on your computer. Fear not, because you can get a cable that lets you connect your iPod to your computer's FireWire port instead. Also, if you have iTunes installed on your computer at the office as well as your home computer, an extra sync cable will save you from having to transport the cable back and forth. There are also cables available that let you connect your iPod to your home stereo. Speakers Speakers are one of the most popular iPod classic accessories, and therefore come in a wide variety. Most speakers plug into the headphone jack, and are either battery powered or plugged into a wall outlet. There are also speakers that the iPod classic can dock with, which will have the added benefit of charging the unit while it's playing. Many of these speaker docking stations come with a remote, so you can skip songs and adjust the volume without going over to the unit. Speakers will generally give better sound than headphones, and will allow you to share your music with everyone in the room. If you're looking for portability, go with the battery-powered speakers. Otherwise, AC-powered speakers will sound better and can have the added functionality of being a docking station. The wide variety of iPod classic accessories available can be overwhelming. Now, you've been given the information that should help you to decide on what accessories you need, and what ones you can avoid.
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