What to buy for a gift

Sometimes we don`t know what to give as a gift .We are afraid that the people who receive it would not like it or just don't use it.

here are something you should take note.

who is the recipient- women or man

what age category is she in ?Is she a 12 years old kid,an 18 years old teenager or a 29 years old adult.you don`t need to know her exact age.

What is his personality- is she Domestic Diva or is he The
Devoted Dad .If you don`t know her too well ,you can buy the gift based on your first impression or by buying a classic gift such as frame and so on

Last and for most ,what is the occasion.Is it for her birthday
wedding or just thank you gift.Get the facts right .You would not want to get a t-shirt for you wedding ,would you?

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