What to buy for mother`s day?

Mother`s day is coming!
Do you have any idea what to buy for your lovely mother?
Hope you not going to give her just the flower.
It`s not that you can`t buy flower for her but for this mother`s day ,how about buying her something more special?

If you have no idea what to buy for her ,here`s some guide.

Buy for her something that is

-suitable.Don`t buy for her some crocodile skin handbag when your mother is conservative.

-things that is going to use.Some books maybe about cooking or knitting

You may also buy her watch .It can represent thanks for taking time to take care of you from young.It can also represent that you`ll be thinking of her every minutes.

Do you have any better ideas ? Also feel free to comment .If you are a mother tell me hat you want for this mother`s day.

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